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  • $20 off your order of $35
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JOKR Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes for February 21, 2024 - CouponThor

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Jokr Coupon $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Offers $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Promo Code $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Coupon Code 2022 $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Discount Code $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Pramotinal Code $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Voucher Codes $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Discount Deals $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024
Jokr Sale   $20 off your order of $35 February 21, 2024

About JOKR

JOKR is a fast-growing online supermarket that is shaking up the grocery industry with its innovative business model. The company offers a wide range of products, including groceries, household items, and personal care products, and promises delivery within 15 minutes of ordering. JOKR has made a name for itself by providing a convenient and reliable service that meets the needs of busy consumers.

One of the key features of JOKR is its hyperlocal approach to sourcing products. The company partners with nearby stores to source products, which helps reduce its carbon footprint and support local businesses. This approach has proven to be successful in several cities where JOKR operates, as it allows the company to offer a wide range of products while keeping delivery times to a minimum.

Another advantage of JOKR's business model is its use of technology. The company has developed its own app, which customers can use to order products quickly and easily. The app also allows customers to track their deliveries in real-time, which provides them with added convenience and peace of mind. The app's intuitive design and user-friendly interface have contributed to the company's success.

JOKR's commitment to sustainability is also worth noting. The company aims to reduce waste by only stocking products that are in demand, which helps minimize food waste. JOKR also uses electric bikes and scooters for its deliveries, which reduces its carbon footprint and makes the service more environmentally friendly. These efforts are aligned with consumers' growing concerns about environmental sustainability, which is increasingly important for many shoppers.

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• 20% Off Orders Over $50

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JOKR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can I Find Latest JOKR Coupons?

Visit CouponThor Coupons page for all the latest JOKR coupon codes and discount codes. You can also follow JOKR’s official site for working deals

Does JOKR have any working coupon codes & promo codes at the moment?

Yes! We've found the best coupons for JOKR. When was the last time you found discount codes, Voucher codes for JOKR? We last found a JOKR promo code on February 21, 2024.

What are JOKR’s Best coupons?

$20 off your order of $35

What Kind Of JOKR Offers and Deals, Do I Get At

At CouponThor you can get offers and deals $20 off your order of $35

How to save on Grocery using the JOKR promo codes?

1. Go to CouponThor type in JOKR in the search bar and press enter.

2. A list of JOKR offers & deals will be displayed.

3. Click on JOKR ‘Get Coupon Code’ or ‘Activate Deal’ next to the deal you want to use.

4. Copy the Code and visit the website-

5. Select your choice of JOKR Grocery & More. 6. Visit the JOKR page before placing the order.